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What Are The Benefits of Lift-And-Slide Doors?

What Are The Benefits of Lift-And-Slide Doors?

The style of your patio door will affect how you entertain guests inside and outside. In addition, it will affect the amount of natural light inside the house. In recent years, homeowners have tended to spend a lot of money on their outdoor spaces. There is an increased desire among people to maximize their living space and enjoy their outdoor areas.

As a result, lift and slide systems are gaining traction in our industry. Traditional sliding patio doors are useful, but their size, functionality, and design are quite limited. Conversely, lift and slide systems have proven to be more than a passing trend. There are a number of reasons why this type of system is so popular. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of lift and slide door systems.

Maneuvering with ease

With our systems, you will experience smooth, effortless handling thanks to high-quality mechanism. With one hand, even massive panels weighing 300 to 400 kg can be moved.  We also use a guide rail system that can be recessed into the floor, which makes it easier for people with disabilities to enter and exit their homes.

An elegant minimalist design

Modern lines and minimalist aesthetics are the current trends in home design. An open space and natural light are highly recommended for their ability to boost moods. Our goal was to create a lift and slide system that would complement your living space. Therefore, we made sure the frames were as thin as possible. Several colours and sizes are available, as well as fully customizable handles and dimensions. It’s a completely custom patio door that’s entirely up to you.

Doors with Panoramic View

Due to the easy maneuverability of the lift and slide system, you can have unusually large panes of glass. In addition, we’ve chosen aluminum as the frame material due to its exceptional properties. The solidity of the material allows for a minimal profile, so you can enjoy the view almost forgetting you’re indoors. Due to aluminum’s highest glass-to-frame ratio, we can provide the best view on the market!

Saving space

Lift and slide systems are different from conventional doors with swinging hinges and panels that fold outward. Traditional doors block the view and take up a lot of space. A lift and slide door creates a seamless transition between your entertainment spaces, enhancing the flow of your home.

Energy efficiency

Our lift and slide systems are equipped with Low-E glass due to its exceptional energy-saving properties. Due to their extensive size, the panels allow more natural light to enter the home. The Low-E coating keeps your living space cool by reflecting heat away. It lets you enjoy plenty of natural light and picturesque views without affecting your indoor temperatures too much. Our top priority is your comfort, so we made sure to seal it tight and minimize the exchange of outdoor air as much as possible.

With Grand Visions Windows and Doors, we can help you choose the perfect product

From conception to installation, our team can design systems that make you comfortable. The lift and slide systems we make are of the highest quality. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, they can also be customized. Lift and slide systems are all about simplifying your life!

The experts at Grand Visions Windows and Doors are ready to help. With our product line, we can help you decide what is best for your home. Please contact us for more information.

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