Vinyl VEKA 82 Sliding Door Installation and Windows Replacement

Our client's vision was to create a spacious, contemporary entrance using a sleek sliding door design, providing effortless access to the backyard and an enhanced view of their beautiful pool area. To achieve this, we seamlessly merged a window and a door opening into a single expansive entrance. The centerpiece of this transformation is the installation of a 27-foot-wide aluminum ALUPROF MB-77 Lift and Slide Door system.

Project Details


Vinyl VEKA 82 Sliding Door Installation and Windows Replacement

Veka Slide 82 Series UPVC/PVC Sliding Door /Patio Doors/Exterior Door

Project Name: Vinyl VEKA 82 Sliding Door Installation and Windows Replacement – Del Mar

Address: Cabo Santa Fe


Project Description:

The customer had a specific vision in mind for their vacation home in California, aiming to give it a contemporary and updated appearance while enhancing the flow of natural light throughout the interior. To achieve this, we embarked on a comprehensive renovation project, which included the replacement of all existing windows and doors.
To address the customer’s desire for a modern aesthetic and improved natural lighting, we carefully selected and installed high-quality vinyl VEKA 82mm sliding doors, vinyl French doors, and vinyl windows. These selections not only met the aesthetic requirements but also offered exceptional energy efficiency and durability.
The centerpiece of the renovation was the installation of the vinyl VEKA 82mm sliding door, which not only provided a sleek and modern look but also facilitated a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing the breathtaking California scenery to become an integral part of the home’s ambiance.
The vinyl French door added an elegant touch to the overall design, enhancing the home’s aesthetic appeal while also increasing its energy efficiency. The introduction of more glass surface allowed an abundance of natural light to filter into the living spaces, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Additionally, the replacement of all windows with high-quality vinyl alternatives not only contributed to the contemporary appearance of the home but also improved insulation, reducing energy consumption and increasing overall comfort. These new windows effectively captured and diffused natural light, making every room feel more open and inviting.
In summary, our comprehensive renovation project successfully fulfilled the customer’s desire for a modernized vacation home in California, with an emphasis on maximizing natural light. The strategic selection and installation of vinyl VEKA 82mm sliding doors, vinyl French doors, and vinyl windows not only transformed the home’s appearance but also elevated its energy efficiency and overall functionality. The result is a harmonious blend of modern design and enhanced natural illumination, creating a perfect haven for relaxation and enjoyment in the heart of California.

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